Who We Are

eMedFusion is KnowledgePoint360’s digital healthcare agency. We provide strategic consulting, technological innovations and interactive design and development services. Our solutions help you stay ahead of your competition and meet marketplace challenges, with novel solutions and measureable results.


We live and breathe digital, yet just as important is our heritage in understanding the world in which you operate. Deeply rooted in delivering scientific and medical communications, we are also on the cutting edge of new and emergent media and inject a fresh perspective into every engagement. /tell me more


We bring you great digital talents with diverse healthcare experience, and we constantly look to acquire emerging skills and subject matter expertise across the digital arena. This means we provide our clients with the freshest thinking, while ensuring that the focus is always on invention within the requirements of your unique healthcare environment. /tell me more


The eMedFusion Leadership Team shares an ongoing commitment to excellence and focus on continuous development. We combine decades of experience from a variety of backgrounds that include healthcare as well as other industries. /tell me more


We live and breathe digital

Our experience goes beyond just digital; by bridging gaps between your online initiatives and aligning these with offline activities. We map the universe of your digital activity within your product’s ecosystem.

  • We bring decades of industry know-how and blend it with progressive leading-edge skills
  • Proven innovation through customized technical solutions for healthcare
  • Unique and proprietary digital consultancy offerings providing actionable insights
  • Global reach with offices in the USA and UK
  • Extensive experience supporting clients across the product lifecycle
  • Part of KnowledgePoint 360 Group, providing unparalleled level of scientific communication
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Helping clients build
digital impact

  • Full service digital portfolio including Digital Consulting, Interactive Design and Technology Solutions
  • Ability to target audiences through all digital and social channels
  • Strategic approach focused on customized market views which aligns with product life-stage needs
  • Proficient at integration with client’ enterprise technology platforms
  • Performance-driven with commitment to setting standards and KPI optimization
  • Innovative partnerships that allow us to leverage the very best in digital technology and online media
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Leadership Team

David Moore

Senior Vice-President

David has led the eMedFusion team for the past 5 years and as Senior Vice-President of Digital, he spearheads digital innovation across the KnowledgePoint360 Group.

Under David's leadership, eMedFusion has become one of the leading global healthcare specialist agencies with spectacular growth, based on a simple philosophy: bring some of the most talented specialists in the industry together, give them the tools and the best environment to create and this will deliver the excellence in service and delivery expected by us and our clients.

David’s career spans retail and FMCG strategic consultancy with Accenture and a 10-year tenure within healthcare digital marketing. He has piloted a series of industry-leading digital initiatives for a broad spectrum of companies, geographies and brand communication and education challenges. A passionate believer in digital’s importance in improving healthcare, David has spoken at a number of industry events and contributed to numerous publications.

Outside of the strategy boilerhouse, this former international youth footballer can still be found dreaming of sporting stardom on the football field, when not trying to utilise his well-honed communication skills as dad to his 3-year-old twins.

Natalie Nolan

Vice-President, Client Services

Natalie has led the Client Services team for eMedFusion since 2003 and has more than 20 years' experience in client service roles. Natalie combines direct experience in medical communications with expertise in digital healthcare marketing.

Natalie’s priority is to provide the high level of service that makes clients excited to work with us.

Prior to joining eMedFusion, Natalie worked directly with a range of pharmaceutical and biotech clients as a client services professional with one of the ‘med comms’ agencies within the KnowledgePoint360 Group. This included work with clients in oncology, neurology and rheumatology. She also has experience in UK healthcare marketing and advertising agencies.

Natalie sings in a local women’s choir, tackling everything from pop to classical with the odd show tune thrown in for good measure. She also keeps her project management skills sharp, organizing occasional fund-raising events for the PTA at her son’s school.

Glynn Godwin

Digital Development Director

Glynn has headed up the development team for eMedFusion for more than 10 years, pushing the boundary of innovation and ensuring successful delivery.

He has an extensive skill set and broad knowledge in digital technologies, from web and mobile solutions to stand attractions. He is attuned to customer needs and has the rare ability to translate techno-babble into a language that everyone can understand. Likewise, his vast experience within pharma has given him the ability to take the unique needs of our customer base and create the most beneficial and cost-effective solutions to perfectly meet those needs.

He believes it is vital to understand what possibilities every new technology brings and how best to leverage it without compromising quality.

When not developing innovative solutions he can be found chasing his two young children around soft play areas.

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Driving Engagement

eMedFusion comprises experts across critical digital disciplines. Our total focus is on delivering great value to our clients. Be it insights gleaned from our consulting practice, to functional applications built from leading edge technical capability. We work hard and intelligently to bring you deeper connections with your audiences.

Digital Consultancy

Our strategic consulting practice is focused on providing our client stakeholders with the best solutions to address their unique needs and challenges. The team follows a proprietary process to gain marketplace intelligence, generate innovative ideas, determine the optimal approach, and provide measurement of results. /tell me more


Like strategy, innovation is a common term used to describe the key to ongoing success based on delivering new, different and better. Here, we look at innovation through a lens of pragmatism. It’s about invention. It’s about transformation. It’s about what’s next. It’s about architecting ways to reach your audience with the information they want, when they want, how they want.
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Design and Build

Within digital communications, a collaborative treatment paradigm—from HCPs to patients to caregivers to payors—has fostered a progressive dynamic for engagement. The skill of connecting storytelling to data has evolved, so we’ve optimized our agency to help our clients in the creation and distribution of content that is shareable and measureable. /tell me more

Digital Consultancy

Our digital strategy group develop solutions that best address your unique needs. The team includes experts in medical and science communications, digital media, social, mobile, analytics, technology and creative.

Through epath, our proprietary methodology, we utilize a novel approach to understanding the digital landscape as it relates specifically to your need. This is custom research that enables a penetrating look into online activities within a therapy area, upon which we provide the digital road map and prioritized tactical plan.

Client Name: Case Study Name

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Design and Build

Winning hearts and minds
through great user experience

At eMedFusion, we combine talents of great creative and development to deliver experiences that are meaningful and memorable for the right target audience. We ensure that everything we do is grounded in the user experience, and designing solutions that consider motivation, behavior and context in prioritization and sequencing of content and functionality.

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Going beyond the
obvious to deliver results

Be it to educate, entertain, capture data or create meaningful experiences in the form of unique products and platforms, we offer ongoing commitment to delivery of robust technology based solutions that drive results.

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Choosing the right step up
for your career

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Tel: +1 (201) 271-6000
Email: michael.friedin@emedfusion.com

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